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The most prominent benefits of Al-Mahlab for hair:

Increase the length of the hair and give it shine: In this recipe, two tablespoons of Al-Mahlab powder are mixed with the appropriate powder of hair, according to the length of the hair, then the hair is painted with this mixture, and left for half an hour before washing it, or using the mahlab And water; It is one of the easy recipes to lengthen the hair, where the milk powder is mixed with a cup of coffee with a glass of water and put on the scalp and rubbed for ten minutes, then put a plastic cap for half an hour, then wash it well, and this recipe is repeated once to twice a week to give results Satisfactory, or a recipe for milking and coconut, 200 ml of natural coconut oil is placed in a bowl, then a cup of crushed milking is added, well mixed and applied to the scalp.

Perfumed hair and prevent hair loss: a small spoon of crushed milking, And a yogurt box and a large spoon of mayonnaise, then mix the ingredients well until a cohesive dough is obtained, put it on the hair and leave it for half an hour with the hair covered with a plastic bag and then wash it as usual.

Hair intensification: half a cup of milk powder and a cup Water is then put on the fire for ten minutes and left to cool, then massage the scalp with the mixture and leave the mixture on the hair for one night and then wash it as usual.

Treating light dry hair: by mixing the crushed milking with water, then massage it on the scalp Head, and leave for two hours, where it is advised to make this recipe w Three times to give better results.

Increased hair density: mix an equal amount of milking oil, castor oil, a little olive oil with a tablespoon of starch, a spoonful of yeast, and a quarter cup of water well, then put this mixture On the scalp with a good massage, leave it for two hours and then wash off well, and this process is repeated once a week for better results


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